Exclusive Research Sites

We have three dedicated research islands plus access to a variety of other islands and reefs.

Small Island Research Group and Centre

The Small Island Research Centre located Maldives is a facility established for students and researchers in the areas such as Marine Science, Island Morphology and Climate Change.

Huvadhoo Atoll

Huvadhoo Atoll (Gaaf-Dhaal Atoll), where the Small Island Research Centre is based at, is one of the largest coral Atolls in the world, with islands and reefs of different morphologies, varying in the floral and faunal composition.

World Environment Day Press Statement

Press Statement Against Plastic Pollution SIRG supported the press statement made by the Save Maldives initiative which raised the concern of plastic waste in the Maldives. This press statement was supported by 14 different civil society organisations. The...